CRA-K 014: Mombasa One (1) Day Cultural Tours Safaris Kenya

Highlights: Fort Jesus, Old Mombasa Town, Haller Park, Likoni Ferry crossing

mombasa_one_day_city_tourWe will pick you up from your hotel, begin our day with a comprehensive city tour visiting the famous Akamba crafts where you can indulge in buying yourself and loved ones some African souvenirs. We then follow the trail to the Hindu Temple which is an architectural artwork and further to Mombasa's main landmark of an African elephants tusks along Moi Avenue.

We later head to the ferry port in Likoni off Mama Ngina a walk in the old Mombasa town on our way to Fort Jesus which is a popular destination for foreign and local tourists, researchers, and students. It receives hundreds of thousands of visitors a year, who come to see not only the impressive fort, but the small exhibit gallery which holds finds from archaeological excavations along the coast, and within the Fort itself, as well as a new exhibit depicting the culture and history of the coast and its peoples. Also on display are artifacts excavated from the underwater shipwreck of the San Antonio de Tana which sank in Mombasa harbor off Fort Jesus in 1697.

The coastal city of Mombasa is one of Africa's major tourist destinations with some of the best beaches in the world. Located on Kenya's Eastern coastline bordering the Indian Ocean, Mombasa has become popular for its exotic beaches, diverse marine life, world-class hotels and friendly people. Mombasa has a lot more to offer visitors than just beautiful beaches. It was a very influential port in the 15th century, and has played a significant role in laying the foundations of the nation that it is a part of today. Some of the popular attractions in the town relate directly to the historical context, while others seek to complement the tourism industry that the town thrives on.

An optional visit to the Spice market – marikiti before embarking for lunch in one of the Swahili Restaurant to indulge in a local mouth watering delicacy

After lunch head to Haller park for a unique walk through the former Bamburi Nature Trail. The Bamburi Nature Trail is the largest animal sanctuary in Mombasa. Located in Bamburi next to the Cement Factory, the Nature Trail boasts an enormous variety of animals, reptiles, insects and botanical gardens. Walking along the trail is the ideal way to look at the various animals, and on many occasions holding or feeding a reptile such as a snake is allowed under close supervision of a guide. Educational videos are also shown, with emphasis on the history and continuous improvement of the trail. It was previously a barren piece of land that had been stripped of its resources through limestone mining, and was redeveloped through reforestation and conservation efforts, and is now a habitat for a large number of flora and fauna species.

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