CRA-K 05: Nairobi National Park & Animal Orphanage or Nairobi Safari Walk / Carnivore Restaurant Meat Eater's Experience – Half day from USD 140

carnivore-restaurant-nairobiThis day tour can depart any day of the week. See a guiding itinerary below:

This half day tour option gives you an alternative of combining either Carnivore Restaurant with a Safari within the urban Nairobi National Park or Carnivore with a safari walk within the famous Nairobi Safari Walk as well as the Kenyan Zoo that is commonly known as the Animal Orphanage. Carnivore Restaurant is famous for its succulent stew and barbecue dishes of game meat. It's an excellent choice of visit as welcome or farewell after a well deserved Kenyan & African Safari.

Nairobi National Park is the only existing Wildlife Park situated in a capital city in the world. This unique wildlife sanctuary is tucked just 10 kms away from the bustling city centre of Nairobi Kenia. Several animal species roam within this park including four members of the Big Five with an exception of the African Elephant. Other animal species found here include; large predators - Lions, Leopards, Hyenas and Cheetahs. Large herbivores - Elands, Cape buffalos, Zebras, Wildebeests, Black Rhinoceros and other species including Diverse bird life. Other attractions include Ivory Burning Site Monument, Walking trails at Hippo pools within Nairobi Safari Walk & the Animal Orphanage.


Draft Itinerary:

Departure times either 06h00 or 14h00

Morning Excursion

0600hrs: Pick up from your hotel / airport and depart for Nairobi National Park.

0630hrs: Arrival and start of game drive in the park. Go through most of the park to see animals including Lions, Giraffes, Buffalos, Rhinos, Leopards, Antelopes, Hyenas, Cheetahs, Zebras, Wildebeests, Topis and Baboons.

You will be able to see the animals against the haze and the distant glare of Nairobi city skyscrapers and your perfect picture is a Giraffe against the backdrop of the city centre which is very visible from the park.

Go on a short guided walking safari at the river to try and see the Hippos and the Crocodiles as they laze in the water. You will later have a quiz to try and identify the skulls of the various animals after the walking tour. In 4hrs you will have covered most of the park and seen most of the animals since this is not a very large park.

1030hrs: Depart Nairobi National Park with an enroute game drive through the park.

1100hrs: Visit the Animal Orphanage or take a walk along Nairobi Safari Walk at the gate and see other animals as well.

1200hrs: Depart the Park for a transfer to your hotel or an extension for lunch at Carnivore Restaurant.

Afternoon Excursion

1400hrs: Pick up from your hotel / airport and depart for Nairobi National Park.

1430hrs: Arrival and optional visit The Animal Orphanage or Nairobi Safari Walk

1530hrs: Start game drive at Nairobi National park

1745hrs: Exit the park for a transfer to your hotel or an extension for dinner at Carnivore Restaurant.

Charges per person All Seasons:

No of Pax  E.A  Citizens / Expatriates  Non residents 
1 KES 13,700          KES 14,300
USD 225
2 KES 10,800          KES 11,400
USD 190
3 KES 9,500            KES 10,100
USD 180
4 KES 9,000            KES 9,600
USD 170
5 KES 8,500            KES 9,100
USD 160
6 KES 8,000            KES 8,600
USD 150
7 KES 7,500            KES 8,100
USD 140
8 KES 6,950            KES 7,600    
USD 130

NB: Above rates are subject to change should necessitating factors dictate

Nairobi National Park Day Tour Price / Rates Include:

Nairobi National Park Day Trip Does Not Include:

This tour can be combined with any other short or long excursion from an array of our other safaris.


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