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Overview Samburu, Shaba & Buffalo Springs Hotels, Lodges & Camps in Kenya

A wide variety of Samburu, Shaba, Buffalo Springs hotels, Lodges and Camps can be seen below. For best selection of budget, medium range, luxury and premium accommodation at Samburu Game Reserve please refer to the links below:

Samburu Larsens Tented Camp, Samburu Serena Lodge, Samburu Saasab Camp, Samburu Bedouin Camp, Samburu Lodge, Samburu Intrepids Camp, Samburu Sentrim, Samburu Elephant Bedroom Camp, Samburu Elephant Watch Camp, Samburu Sopa Lodge, Samburu Kitich Camp, Samburu Saruni Lodge and Samburu Joys Camp, Samburu Desert Rose Lodge, Ashnil Tented Camp Samburu, Simba Lodge Samburu, Sarova Shaba Game Lodge, Samburu Lodge

Bedouin Camp Samburu Conservancy Kenya

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Bedouin Camp Samburu Conservancy Kenya is located on the Western border of the famous Samburu Game Reserve within an 83,000 acre exclusive concession of pristine wilderness in the Great Northern Frontier District of Kenya. This stunning tented camp experience returns to the original spirit and essence of safari reminiscent of a golden era of romance, adventure and elegance.

Ashnil Samburu Tented Camp Kenya

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Ashnil Samburu Camp sits in Buffalo Springs Game Reserve which takes its name from an oasis of crystal clear water at the western end of Buffalo Springs Game reserve.
Ashnil Samburu camp is approximately 345 kilometers from North of Nairobi – approximately 5 hour drive and 12 kilometers from Ngare Mara Gate. And by air; Buffalo springs airstrip is 12 kilometers away from the Camp.


Saruni Samburu Safari Camp Kenya

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Saruni Samburu Safari Camp, set in the Kalama Wildlife Conservancy in northern Kenya, has just six cottages and offers a luxury safari experience in pristine surroundings. Like its sister camp in the Masai Mara, Saruni Samburu is a small and personal camp offering an intimate safari experience in an unspoilt environment.
Set just a few kilometers north of the Samburu National Reserve, a celebrated elephant sanctuary, the safari camp is just off the beaten track while having easy access to excellent game viewing very close by.


Elephant Bedroom Camp Samburu Kenya

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Elephant Bedroom Camp is set on the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River in the renowned Samburu Game Reserve, surrounded by palms and other beautiful indigenous trees. The camp is small and intimate with simplistic elegance, luxury and style, providing an astonishing safari experience.


Samburu Simba Lodge Kenya

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Samburu Simba Lodge is situated 300 km North of Nairobi in Buffalo Springs National Reserve within Isiolo District. Buffalo Springs is located on the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River in Kenya; on the other side of the river is the Samburu National Reserve and nearby the famous Shaba National Reserve (Joy Adamson of 'Born Free' film).


Samburu Intrepids Camp Kenya

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Samburu Intrepids is situated on the banks of the Uaso Nyiro River in the arid heart of Samburu game reserve, the camp looks out over riverbanks where the herds of elephant, buffalo and Zebra come daily to drink together with the rarer northern species of reticulated giraffe, Beisa Oryx and long-necked gerenuk. The Camp is located 345 kilometers north of Nairobi, 50 minutes flight to the Samburu airstrip and 20 minutes drive to the lodge.Samburu Intrepids offers a stunning combination of personal luxury, informative guiding and thrilling wildlife encounters in one of the world's last great wilderness.


Samburu Sentrim Tented Camp Kenya

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Sentrim Samburu is located deep inside the reserve. It guarantees close encounters with Samburu's shier species including elephants, leopards and samburu famous "Special Five" the rare reticulated giraffe, long necked Gerenuk antelope, Somali ostrich,Grevy's Zebra and majestic Beisa Oryx. It is situated 345 km from Nairobi and takes approximately 6 hours by road and 50 minutes by air.


Larsens Tented Camp Samburu Kenya

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Larsens Camp is located in Kenya's famous Samburu National Reserve the camp is named after Erik Ole Larsens a legendary Dane credited with defining the luxury safari under canvas. The Camp is located 320 kilometers north of Nairobi, Larsen's camp rest along the banks of the Uaso Nyiro River offering the guest nothing short of luxury in the wilderness.


Joys Camp Samburu Kenya

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Joy's Camp is an elegant and serene oasis situated 195 miles north east of Nairobi, in the semi-desert Shaba National Reserve. Joy's Camp is the place where Joy raised and then released her famous leopard 'Penny' and is the perfect safari experience for those seeking to immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of nature, which are ever present in this special place. The starkly beautiful semi-arid landscape is dominated by Mount Shaba, an ancient and long extinct volcanic mountain that lies to the south of Joy's Camp. Joy's Camp 10 raised en-suite canvas tents all have a private veranda where you can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding hills and picturesque sunsets, and the only hustle and bustle for hundreds of kilometres is at the camps natural spring where the animals jostle their way for a spot to drink.


Samburu Sopa Lodge Kenya

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Samburu Sopa Lodge is situated 325 kms from Nairobi, in the middle of Samburu National Reserve and next to the new Oryx airstrip.
It is accessible from the main Isiolo – Moyale road at both Ngare Mara as well as Archers post junctions.


Sarova Shaba Game Lodge Samburu Kenya

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Sarova Shaba Lodge is located in the Shaba Lodge in the Shaba Game reserve the heart of Kenya's "Born Free Country" and home to the great conservationist Joy and George Adamson. The lodge is set on a natural oasis surrounded by natural springs and the water is channeled into cascades and fish ponds on the entire premises. At this awesome escape, meet the colorful Samburu tribe or see unique collection of gamer only to be found in this region it's also the home to the amazing world wonder of the lioness that adopted a baby Oryx. The lodge is situated 314km (5 hours) from Nairobi by road and 45 minutes by air.


Samburu Serena Safari Lodge Kenya

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The Samburu Serena Safari Lodge is set in a landscape of endless skies, dust- red plains and palm-fringed rivers; this refreshing rustic lodge is renowned for the timeless beauty of its landscape and the serene tranquility of its setting. The lodge is located 320 km North of Nairobi within the land of the colorful Samburu pastoralist.


Sasaab Camps Samburu Kenya

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Sasaab Camp is located on the Ngutuk Ongiron Group Ranch in the west gate community, situated above the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River, in the arid heart of Samburu land; Sasaab's tranquil setting offers views towards the Laikipia plateau and Mount Kenya. The main area sits on a rocky ridge allowing one to enjoy the spectacular views through the Moroccan interior and the courtyard.


Samburu Game Lodge Kenya

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Samburu Game Lodge is set in 10 acres of pristine riverine forest on the western bank of Uaso Nyiro River within the Samburu National Reserve approximately 320 kilometers north of Nairobi. Skillfully blended with its surrounding environment, the lodge is simply built in local style and materials, the guest can get a taste of local tradition and culture complement ed by excellent service and fine accommodation in untainted wilderness.


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